Udayana University International Senior Fellowship (UNISERF) is a great opportunity to enrich your research profile, a way to create professional development initiatives and build up international networking for a period of six months. Professors and researchers with a doctoral degree and professionals with equivalent degrees from around the world are eligible for this opportunity.

Successful applicants to the UNISERF will be provided with a flexible travel itinerary. Successful applicants will also be expected to maintain regular communication with their main host research partner at Udayana University to facilitate research preparation and departure in Bali.


The applicant should:
  • Provide research plans (proposal);
  • Have the skills needed by Udayana University (according to the research themes);
  • Preferably have a track record of conducting global mentoring and in building international networks so as to be able to offer clear work programs with measurable achievement indicators;
  • Does not have to be affiliated with a university/research institute/industry;
    • Attach 2 (two) Recommendation Letters if not affiliated;
  • Attach a Supporting Letter for affiliated candidates;
  • Provides a Commitment Letter which contains:
    • Confirmation of the ability to visit for a duration of 6-months;
    • Agreement to include his name as author in Joint Publication/international monumental works with affiliation as "Senior Research Fellow, Udayana University" and "Original Institution";
    • Agreement to provide the title (tentative) for the Joint Publication/international monumental work;
    • Delivering an International Journal goal with a Web of Science Impact Factor/international works;
    • Statement of willingness to prepare a Joint Draft Publication/international work and to work on the revision process (if after submitting to the Journal there are any revisions), and until the paper is accepted for publication;
    • Permission to the Udayana University Researcher (Main Host Research Partner) as corresponding author to submit papers and correspondence;
    • Status of Submitting Joint Publication must be under review, according to the end of the contract stated in the Letter of Agreement (LoA);
    • If necessary, further collaboration can be conducted between Udayana University and the affiliated institution of the Senior Research Fellow.

Applicants are ineligible if they:

  • Are Indonesian citizens;
  • Are currently conducting the same research work with another grant;


The applicants should:

  • Be a Professor or hold a doctoral (PhD) or equivalent degree;
  • Have contacted or identified a potential research partner in the Udayana University (not necessary to hold a letter of invitation at time of application) – Udayana University will assist you in locating a Udayana University Main Host Research Partner;
  • Have plans to complete and publish their research upon the completion of the program.


The period for an award is minimal 1 full month until maximum 6 full months.


The grant covers living allowance, return airfare, health insurance, visa application, seminar/guest lecture/workshop activity, IPACOE (International Partnership Program and Community Engagement), article processing charge journal publication, consumable research materials and activity, research permit, police headquarters permit and exit permit.


Detail information of the UNISERF can be accessed through the UNISERF Guide Book.

Candidates should send the application via email: uniserf@unud.ac.id

The following materials comprise a complete application:

  • Application form (download link)
  • A research proposal (download link)
  • A letter of invitation (if available)
  • Two letters of recommendation (for applicants with no affiliation)
  • A letter of support (for applicants with affiliation)
  • A copy of a valid identity document (KTP or passport)

Note: To process your application, you need to have Udayana University host research partner. Please mention his/her name in your research proposal or you can provide invitation letter from your Udayana University host partner.


The deadline for the submission of application materials for the program is Dec 31st, 2023.


Specific questions regarding the application process may be addressed via email to the following address: infouniserf@unud.ac.id

Looking for Udayana University host partner? You can contact the following person to help you, to coordinate your candidate host partner according to your research interest/research proposal:

  1. Faculty of Tourism : Dr. Yanthy (putusucita@unud.ac.id)
  2. Faculty of Law : Dr. Parikesit (parikesit_widiatedja@unud.ac.id)
  3. Faculty of Cultural Science : Dr. Netra (imadenetra@unud.ac.id)
  4. Faculty of Economics and Business : Dr. Mimba (p.mimba@unud.ac.id)
  5. Faculty of Engineering : Dr. Gatot (gatot.karohika@unud.ac.id)
  6. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences : Prof. Dayu Asta (iaastarini@unud.ac.id)
  7. Faculty of Medical : Dr. Darwin (eka_darwinata@unud.ac.id)
  8. Faculty of Agriculture : Mr. Edi (edisaputra@unud.ac.id)
  9. Faculty of Agricultural Technology : Dr. Sulastri (sulastri@unud.ac.id)
  10. Faculty of Animal Husbandry : Dr. Dewi Ayu Warmadewi (dewiayuwarmadewi@unud.ac.id)
  11. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine : Dr. Kardena (imadekardena@unud.ac.id)
  12. Faculty of Social Science and Political Science : Dr. Tedi (erviantono2@unud.ac.id)
  13. Faculty of Marine and Fisheries Science : Dr. Pande (pande.sasmita@unud.ac.id)